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We Offer A Wide Range Of Resinous Flooring

There are many options, but we believe these are the commonest https://pacificfloorcovering.com. You can visit a flooring contractor’s website for a detailed understanding of the various seamless flooring options available in the industrial market.

Urethane flooring

Urethane-cement flooring systems are suitable for areas exposed to high impacts and thermal shock. They are often used in commercial kitchens, food processing plants, dish-washing zones, coolers and freezing areas. They are installed onto concrete or cementitious sub-structures to create a seamless system of flooring that reduces the amount of bacteria and makes it easier to keep clean.

Cement-urethanes come in an endless variety of colors with textures. If decorative appeal is required, colored-quartz can be applied to the cement flooring system. A professional seamless flooring contractor is able to create and install cement urethane floors that will meet any physical demands, including chemical resistance, UV stability. decorative appeal. product compatibility. A lot of installers are more inclined to use epoxy products, due to the ease of installation. But urethane chemical is always a better choice.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Systems

Industrial epoxy flooring serves both functional as well as decorative purposes. They are usually installed in thicknesses between 1/6 and a 1/4 inch. The flooring can also be customized to suit any type of heavy-duty industrial use. These systems are usually specified in heavy-duty industrial environments because of their durability, chemical resistance and impact resistance. They are made of 1/4-inch trowel-applied, epoxy mortars with a compression strength exceeding 10,500 pounds per square inch.

Decorative Resinous Tiles

Decorative resinous floors provide a multicolored finish with a blended quartz aggregate or vinyl colored flakes. Institutional facilities, laboratories and restrooms are common applications. No matter which system you choose, color-blended materials are designed to withstand heavy-duty environments. Decorative flooring can be applied with vinyl flake and quartz aggregate, or by troweling on quartz aggregate. The floor needs a final top coat with high chemical resistance and UV stability.

Thin Film Coatings

Thin-mil flooring systems, such as epoxy or urethane, are installed typically on concrete or cementitious top substrates. They are also known by the name polymer seamless floors. Thick-mil systems consist of two- to three-coat applications, are available in clear or colored finishes, and replace concrete sealants.

These coatings offer a durable finish that can be applied to light industrial environments, residential areas and commercial buildings. They are slip and stain resistant, and in combination with Urethanes they offer excellent UV stability and chemical resistence. It is possible to install a thin-mil decorative coating. You can achieve this by incorporating decorative score or multiple colors. Or, you can expose the natural concrete by using clear coating.