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Melbourne’s Unique Foundations are Firmly Anchored by the Art and Science of Staying Grounded.

Oh, Melbourne! Oh, Melbourne! TLC underpinning. What is it that you Googled before your house began to shimmy shake every time there was a vehicle driving by?

Why do you need underpinnings in Melbourne? You can think of it as giving your house new boots to help it stand up against Mother Nature or that new heavy couch. Melbourne’s soil is just as unreliable as the plot of a popular soap opera. It’s stable, supportive and then it shifts like a dance.

Underpinning? This isn’t just slapping some additional bricks beneath your home. No, instead we are talking about digging deep in the ground to hug your house to keep it upright. You can do it in a number of ways. One involves pouring concrete under the foundations like an underground layer cake. Other methods involve spraying resin in like you would at the dentist to fill cavities.

Screw piling is another option. It involves screwing metal screws until you hit something that’s solid enough for them to confirm, “Yes, I have got you.” The process is fast, easy (almost) and will ensure that your house doesn’t lean over like it wants to reveal secrets to the neighbor.

Why has Melbourne developed a love for underpinnings? Our ancestors built homes in a time of optimism, but not necessarily with the same foresight about soil types. Why not add climate change to the mix? The soils will be more moody that teenagers.

Don’t forget the charming old houses that are what make Melbourne… Melbourne. It’s beautiful to look at, but some of them need help getting up right after all those years. Like making sure Grandma’s walking stick is ready before she goes for her daily walk.

Navigating the council permit process for such work is more difficult than assembling IKEA furnishings without instructions. There are different rules for each council because, as it seems, a single set of guidelines would make things too easy. Let’s not forget our neighbours who are suffering through the construction noises. No one enjoys the sound of early morning drilling.

The future holds some interesting advancements for the underpinning of land. Imagine robots that scurry around in the underground to make sure all is where it’s supposed to be. Although we aren’t quite there yet in terms of monitoring, systems have become smarter, less intrusive, and more effective.

Melbourne underpinning, in short, is a combination of science and art. It’s all about preventing our beautiful buildings from making impromptu yogi poses. If you are planning a new project or renovating an older beauty, ensuring a strong foundation will give you the peace of your mind. Let’s all look forward to stable ground under our feet, and houses that will stay in place – like the ones we love! subject too quickly. We may not have the most exciting material but, hey, we also find it important enough to address.